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                        After-sales service  in our company ,with the purpose of "provide the most satisfactory products and service to  customers " .We make a  solemnly promise that  ensure the advanced nature of the equipment, reliability, stability and improve the quality of our service delivery,from sale to after-sale,form debug  to open ,equipment maintenance management, technical services, and other aspects, to ensure that customers can get the best service, so that customer satisfaction at the same time.
                     Engineers responsible for on-site installation, commissioning, and testing equipment. After the success of the equipment in the debug, the supplier should provide the test results to the user in writing, and the technical personnel shall be evacuated from the site after the consent of the user.
                     There is 46 professional technician and sales-service in our company.We setup our  service offices in Qingdao and Guanlin.Our after sales-service team people can arrive at your plant during 12 hours for solving your line prolem.
                     We tailor the production line for each user to meet the users demand for cost-effective, outstanding technology and services and  meet the needs of users for purchase  and   purchase of the maximum production capacity.

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